Crazy Criminalzzz: The Most Wild Stories We've Seen To Date!

1. Couple Wanted by Cops for Courthouse Oral Sex Video

A Florida woman recorded herself performing oral sex INSIDE A COURTHOUSE! She was in court for a drug charge, but now Jacksonville police are searching for her(and the man she was pleasuring) after she posted the video on Twitter! Apparently she has a history of posting lewd videos online.

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2. A Buddhist monk got arrested in Myanmar on Sunday after cops found 400,000 METH pills in his car.  

Then they searched his monastery, and found another 4.2 MILLION of them!

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3. This Minnesota High School Coach Claims She Doesn’t Remember Having Sex With A 13-Year-Boy

A 33 year-old Virginia soccer coach claimed she was "so so drunk or so under the influence of drugs or medicine" that she didn't remember having sex with a 13 year-old student in his home.

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4. A 51-year-old guy in Pittsburgh got arrested on Monday for a crazy joy-ride!

Daniel Marchese was arrested after he put on a pair of women's underwear, stole a car, drove drunk,started pleasuring himself WHILE he was driving, and then passed out in the middle of a busy intersection.

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6. A Cab Driver Says He Was Speeding Because of His Passengers' Flatulence

This is about as good of an excuse as you can have for speeding.

A cop in Bournemouth, England pulled over a cab driver for speeding on Friday night.  And his excuse was . . . his three passengers kept PASSING GAS, so he was trying to get them home and out of his car as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, the cop still gave him a $125 speeding ticket. 

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7. A Woman Gets Angry With Taco Truck Workers, Then Shoots Her Boyfriend When He Tells Her to "Calm Down"

A woman in Houston got upset on Monday when she got a cold taco from a taco truck.  But when her boyfriend told her to calm down, she pulled out a gun, and wound up SHOOTING him.  She was arrested.

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8. A Drunk Driver Crashes Her Car, Then Tells the Cops She's Dead

A woman in Florida crashed her car in a ditch while she was driving drunk last Wednesday.  When the cops asked her if she was hurt, she responded that she was DEAD.  Since that proved she WASN'T dead, she was arrested. 

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