Listener went to the New '50 Shades' Movie Today! Came out of the movie MAD!!

‘Hey Conrad,

I just talked to you on the phone and I wanted to share this with the ‘B93 Listener Family’!

Okay I'll start with everyone know what kind of movie Fifty Shades of Gray is..."tasteful porn".

So with that being said I went to the Holland 7 to see it today. I'm 32 so that's okay.

Well about 3/4 of the the way thru the movie. I see a little boy not more than 7 years old pop up out of his seat in the first row

My first reaction was WTF!!!! This is a joke right? But it wasn't my next thought was wow i feel ashamed,like i'm doing something wrong...

why do I feel that way you may ask?? Because in a round about way i felt like I was watching porn with a child...and well that's nasty..wrong is so many ways..

So my question is...WHO IN THE HELL WOULD BRING A CHILD TO SEE A MOVIE LIKE THAT??!!! Let alone who would allow a child in to see that movie knowing what it's about!!!

I mean correct me if I’m wrong but that mother should be ashamed of herself and so should the Holland 7...

Rant over...thank you for lessoning

LeAnn H.’

WOW!  I’d love to hear you take on this!


Oh YES This makes me so Angry I could..

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