Crazy Criminalzzz: Utah Couple Arrested After Using Drone To Spy On Neighbors' Bedrooms +MORE

1. Utah Couple Arrested After Using Drone To Spy On Neighbors' Bedrooms. 

Next time they should just spend their day at Home Depot like most couples do.

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2. Customs agents in Washington, D.C. found 13 pounds of HORSE GENITALS in a woman's luggage a couple weeks ago.  

She said it was for medicinal purposes.  (She was traveling with a companion, and together they had 42 pounds of horse meat packed up in juice boxes.  They were from Mongolia, so they might have been telling the truth, but agents had to toss the meat because it can spread foot-and-mouth disease.)

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3. A 36-year-old guy got arrested at an airport in India on Sunday for trying to smuggle a bunch of gold bars into the country.

Including two-and-a-half pounds of them in his NO-GO hole. 

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4. A teacher in Michigan had to resign this week for duct taping a kid's arms to his chair.  

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5. A 25-year-old guy in Florida stole money from a Toys for Tots jar back in December, and the cops finally caught him.  

In his mugshot, he has some serious burns on his face.  It turns out he also tried to set a stolen van on fire right before he got arrested.  

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6. Florida Cops Could Be Fired For Having Sex On The Job

They allegedly sent each other photos showing their body parts while in uniform.

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