Cop Called Out To Stop Loud Party, But Then...

A teenage band was rocking a backyard party near Toronto when police  showed up to shut them down. Or at least that's what they thought.

The kids knew they were way too loud and thought the  party was over once the officers arrived, but all the cops did was ask  them to turn their amps down. But their surprise didn't end there.

The  officers hung around for a little while and listened to the band play  two of their songs. They eventually left and reminded them to keep the  volume down a bit. 

Then about 30 minutes later,  the officers returned and this time, the kids thought for sure they'd  have to unplug. But again they were wrong. One of the officers asked if  he could sit in with the band. He sat down behind the drum kit and  played along to one of the band's original songs as everyone watched in  disbelief.

When he was done, he handed the sticks  back to the regular drummer and talked to the kids about how he himself  had played in bands when he was younger and advised them to keep their  dream alive no matter how many times people encourage them to give up.

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