LIST: Germiest Kid's Hang Outs

Even if you’re not a germaphobe, when you have kids, you have to think about all the stuff they come in contact with that could  potentially be exposing them to strep, pink eye, and yuck…WORSE! Here are the 6 germiest places your kids come into contact with.

The pediatrician’s waiting room - Even when your  little one is hacking and feverish, they still want to touch every truck, puzzle piece, and toy in the waiting room, and maybe even put them in their mouths. And all other kids do too, so they’re probably being exposed to some nasty germs.

Ball pits - These are known for being dirtier than a toilet seat.

Your sink - Get this: the kitchen sink has 1,000 times more illness-causing microbes than a toilet bowl. Let that one sink in for a minute...

Classrooms - This is the germiest place in the whole school, especially the water fountain spigot.

Car seats - Once again that phrase “dirtier than a toilet” comes up. Researchers at the University of Birmingham found “an average of 100 dangerous bacteria per square centimeter of car seat,” which is more than double what they found on toilets.

Your floor - If you don’t already have a no shoes inside policy, consider this: A few of the toxins  typically found on the bottom of our shoes include pesticides, fecal  bacteria, and gasoline.

Source: PureWow

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