Toby Keith's "Wacky" New Party Song Out Friday

Toby Keith knows how to  have a good time and write funny songs. The man whose songs have amassed more than 90 million broadcast performances is also beloved for his  "bus song" album cut "Weed With Willie." And his "Red Solo Cup" became a  viral sensation long before radio took notice. Next up, "Wacky  Tobaccy," which will be released this Friday, June 23.

Lyrics sample
That old Wacky Tobaccy
When you feel it creeping up on you
That old Wacky Tobaccy
Kick back and let it do what it do

"Wacky  Tobaccy is a slogan, a saying that's been around forever and no one has ever put it in a song," says Keith. "When we were working on it, somebody asked if the saying has ever been written in a song and I said, 'no, but they will now.' We recorded it and shot the video in  Nashville. We got a cameo from Willie Nelson. We have a long-standing  friendship. It's fortunate that we got him. 'Wacky Tobaccy' is written  to the screws, and it fits in with what we do every night with the party  crowd."


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