Company Surprises Family With Voice of Late Father

A California man recently got married and had the greatest surprise guest ever – his late father.

Gina Rae Witt was trying to think of the best gift she could give to her brother, David Patinella, and totally nailed it.

Their  father, Guisto Patinella, died in 1994 after a long battle with cancer.  They have plenty of photographs of him, but no videos and no audio. But  then something suddenly occurred to Gina.

The  family had always heard about an Allstate insurance TV commercial that  Guisto had appeared in back in 1971, but no one had ever seen it because  it didn't run for very long.

So Gina decided to  write a letter to Allstate explaining that she was trying to find out if  the commercial actually existed, and if it did, would they send it to  her.

Much to her surprise, Allstate went through  their archive and tracked it down. They then sent a copy to Gina, who  surprised David on the eve of his wedding day. 

David says, "I'm going to watch it a million times. I love it. It's so great. Best present ever."

Allstate was so touched by Gina's letter that they produced this video. 

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