Garth Stops Concert To Surprise Engaged Couple

(Check out video of the surprise below)

Garth Brooks returned home to Oklahoma City this weekend for four shows in 27 hours, and gave one happy couple in the audience quite a gift. 

During Garth’s performance of “Unanswered Prayers” Saturday night a couple named Drew and Chelsea got engaged, and when Garth noticed the pair he stopped the tune mid song. 

Garth then talked to the couple and asked the bride where she wanted to go on her honeymoon. When she didn’t have an answer for him, Garth  gave her a suggestion. “No idea?,” he said. “Well, I tell you what, if you pick Hawaii, Miss Yearwood and I will pay for it, OK?”

Garth later informed his wife Trisha that he actually spent some money while he was on stage performing, and she was apparently okay with  it. 

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