Family Rejects Dog On Adoption Day, Foster Mom Realizes She’s Been Set Up

This is one of the most adorable and tear-jerking surprises I’ve ever seen.

Nicki  Clawson had been volunteering as a foster mom for homeless dogs for  over a year when she and her family received Cookie in their home to  foster. Nicki immediately fell in love with the sweet and gentle boxer.

The  folks at NorthWest Boxer Rescue knew Cookie would have a perfect  forever-after in Nicki’s home, but instead of telling Nicki how they  felt, they came up with a secret plan.

With the help of Nikki’s husband Tim and the Area Coordinator Jessica, Cookie’s surprise adoption was in place.

Nicki  was told that Cookie had a meet-and-greet with a potential adopter. She  brought Cookie to the location at the allotted time, but was  disappointed when the hopeful adopter failed to show up.

But Nicki was about to receive the shock of a lifetime… and the video below shows how emotional this moment was for Nicki.

NorthWest  Boxer Rescue sent us this touching update: “We are happy to report that  Cookie is still very much loved by Nicki and an important part of their  family three years later.”

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