WATCH: Parking Lot Fight On Camera In South Haven


The actual event over a parking spot. Wow, so much wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to see this, I was trying to work and my lord it felt like the old west and it was going down! I didnt see any tumbleweeds but Ryan J Servatius your town is WILD! lol Sara Stezowski Williams Brian Antisdel Jim Dudley Dorrena Carpenter This is before I went live, this is why the cops were in the live feed! JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! Ryan Laylin lol Mike Grant Mike Luna CLICK HERE PART 2 > <----CLICk

Posted by Brian Antisdel on Friday, August 11, 2017


South Haven Parking Spot war who is right who is wrong?part1linkd

I was installing the downtown camera when I heard a crazy loud woman going crazy trying to hold a spot for someone behind the red car. Prior to this video the suv went around the red car, right at the lady and parked. She then got out and left parked crazy. The red car then blocked this lady in. I have the prior video ill post soon. CRAY CRAY Tammy L Antisdel part 1 here click

Posted by Brian Antisdel on Friday, August 11, 2017


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