Not Everyone In First Class Has Class

The Story:

'We were in Denver, taxiing to the runway bound for Seattle when this  drunk woman BELLOWED her dismay that we had not yet taken off and began a  drunken rant, which I captured part of for your slack-jawed viewing  enjoyment.

We taxied back to the gate, let the Denver airport police  and paramedics take charge of her, took on some more fuel and landed in  Seattle 49 minutes late thanks to her ranting.The lady seated beside her told me after we took off that she had started babbling about being in the CIA.

While  we were refueling, the captain came in to the first class cabin and  chatted with us, mentioning that in 25 years he had never heard ANYONE,  man or woman, screech, p*ss, moan, babble, foam, rant, rave or misbehave  that way. I did some calculations and figured that it could have  cost upward of $10,000 for that little 40 minute round trip to the gate  before takeoff, taking into consideration fuel costs, police time,  paramedic time, flight attendant time to write reports and cost to  rebook passengers missing their connections.  In my 15 years of business travel this is a first and hopefully a last, too.'

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