#PrayersUp: Country Star Jo Dee Messina Diagnosed!

Here is the info we received today:

“Over the years, Jo Dee has built a close relationship  with her fans, so those of us at Team JDM wanted to be the first to let  you know that she was recently diagnosed with cancer. It has been a  trying summer, but her heart has been filled with gratitude for the many  opportunities she has had to see God’s hand at work.

“As many of you know, Jo Dee is a believer who feels blessed to be  surrounded by the love of God — a love that has brought her the inner  peace. On her lowest of low days, she has been able to see God’s hand at  work and feel His love as she continues her walk. It is because of our  Father’s love that she has been able to find the beauty in the days that  could have brought her the most fear, gratitude in moments that most  would call unfair, and companionship during times she might feel the  loneliest.

“We don’t know anything specific regarding the treatment plan at this  point, but Jo Dee is working closely with a team to explore all  options. She has taken the semester off from classes at The King’s  University, and her last tour date for the year will be October 7 (all other 2017 dates are being postponed), as she will begin cancer treatment this Fall.

“Jo Dee has been working with producer Seth Mosley, and in a recent  writing session wrote the song ‘Here’ with Seth and Mia Fieldes. Seth  was deeply moved to see her faith following her diagnosis while the two  worked in the studio together. ‘It was one of the most powerful moments  I’ve had in my entire studio career,’ Seth told Team JDM. ‘To see Jo Dee  singing “there’s no pain, there’s no fear, here” through the  cancer and the chaos that she is walking through . . . God is going to  use her and her story to intercept people in their pain and remind them  that He is near.’

“We will continue to keep fans updated on Jo Dee’s journey and  appreciate the outpouring of love, prayers, and support she has already  received.”

—Team JDM

Jo Dee has released a lyric video for her NEW song below!  Our prayers are with Jo Dee and her family! -DJ Conrad

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