Updated: What Caused the Helicopter Crash

More information is surfacing about the helicopter accident that killed Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry and a pilot last Friday before a show in Medford, New Jersey.

The National Travel Safety Bureau confirms to People that engine failure caused the copter to crash.

When the pilot realized the engine was malfunctioning, he turned it off and attempted to land by performing a procedure during which an aircraft flies using air moving up through its rotors. The report reads, “During the descent, the rotor [rotations per minute] decayed to the point where the instructor could see the individual rotor blades. The helicopter descended from view prior to reaching the runway threshold and the sounds of impact were heard."

A celebration of Troy's life will take place at the Grand Ole Opry House TODAY (Thursday morning) at 11am. Fans can watch the service at Opry.com. A private burial will follow.

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