Parents Feel Guilty An Average of 23 Times Per Day

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of pressure put on parents these  days, and while the reality may be that no parent is perfect, it seems a  lot of them feel bad about if they aren’t. 

A new survey finds that the average American parent feels 23 pangs of  guilt every single week because of decisions they didn’t think were  good enough. What’s more, 75% of parents admit feeling pressure from  friends, family and social media to be “perfect,” while 25% have had  other parents question their decisions. And social media is playing a  big role in that too, with 31% of Millennial parents saying they  regularly compete with other parents via social media.

As for parents’ top sources of guilt, they include:

1. Losing my temper
2. Not playing enough with my children
3. Not being home enough
4. Letting my children have too much screen time
5. When I don't feel like I'm being a good role model
6. Not being able to take my children on more vacations or outings
7. When I don't have time to make home-cooked meals
8. Not reading enough to and with my children
9. Letting my kids eat junk food
10. Working too much

Source: Farm Rich

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