Facebook Testing New Way To Block Annoying Posts

Everybody has got that Facebook friend that they really do like, but can be kinda annoying on the social media platform. Whether they're posting too many pictures of their babies or dogs, or sharing their  political opinion which nobody asked for, there’s always someone you would like to see less of, but not necessarily de-friend completely. Well, now Facebook may just have come up with the answer to that  problem.

The site is reportedly testing what they’re calling a “Snooze”  feature, which will give users the option to unfollow individuals, pages  and groups on a temporary basis, from say 24 hours, to a week or even a month.

The option, which is only being tested on a small group of users,  likely fills a similar function as the “see fewer posts like this"  option, although it appears to allow you to be more specific on what you  want to see fewer posts of. Once activated everywhere, all people have to do is click on the arrow next to that person’s post and choose Snooze, and then pick the time frame for which you want them blocked.

So far there’s no word on when the function may become available to everybody.

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