Rescue Dog Saves Lives After Mexico Earthquake

In the aftermath of the deadly  earthquakes in Mexico this month, one of the most surprising heroes is a  yellow Labrador named Frida. She’s a member of the Mexican Navy’s  Canine Unit and she’s saved 12 people just this month after the two huge  earthquakes the country has experienced.

When Frida’s working, she wears black  booties and goggles to keep her safe while rummaging through the  rubble. A photo of her wearing her gear has recently gone viral because  she looks absolutely adorable in it. 

But don’t let her cuteness fool you,  Frida is a hard working dog. She’s saved 53 people total in her lifetime  by helping locate victims trapped under the wreckage and debris. And  she’s out there working right now trying to add to her list of lives  saved.



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