Amazon Will Likely Sell Prescription Drugs Online

Prescriptions from Amazon? Maybe. Speculation is growing that Amazon wants to dive into the 560-billion-dollar market world of  pharmaceuticals. A new report from CNBC says the retail superpower is in the final stages of its plan to sell drugs online.

Their focus? Consumers who already get their prescription medications online from companies like CVS, Costco, Walgreens and Walmart. It's not clear yet how Amazon's system would differ, but the so-called "Amazon  effect" usually means a seismic shift for consumers and competition,  driving down costs.

CNBC reports that Amazon will decide before Thanksgiving whether to move into selling prescription drugs online. But if it does happen? It really shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Reports have been circulating that Amazon has been researching for months, and has ramped up its  hiring with new employees from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Source: CNBC

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