Why You Should Stop Sleeping With Your Phone

If you’re sleeping with your phone in bed with you or just an arm’s reach away, you might want to rethink that. It turns out that habit could be messing with your sleep. And as hard as it might be to imagine  ot having your phone right next to you at all times, you could sleep better without it. Here are some other benefits to keeping your device OUT of your bedtime routine.

You’ll probably fall asleep faster - Parting ways with your phone half an hour before bed can help you “fall asleep faster and experience a more restful, restorative quality of sleep,” explains Kelsey Down, writer for Sleep Train.Your mind will be less cluttered - It’s hard not to check your phone every time it vibrates with a new text or notification, so moving it across the room or into another room while you’re in bed allows you to focus on sleeping instead of feeling  pressured to be in constant contact with the world.

You’ll establish a routine that doesn’t involve social media scrolling  - Without your smartphone in bed with you, you’re not as tempted to spend hours Facebook-stalking your ex best friend from college. Without phone in hand, you’ll find ways to spend your pre-bedtime hours, like  reading a book, remember when you used to do that?

It’s for your own safety - Not only does sleeping with your phone disrupt your quality of sleep, it can actually be a fire hazard. The Newton, New Hampshire Fire Department posted a photo to their Facebook page last June showing the scary risk of heat generated from cell phones and chargers sparking a fire under your pillow.

You’ll be more alert when you’re awake - The blue light your cell phone emits disrupts the production of melatonin - a  sleep hormone that maintains your body’s natural circadian rhythm. So  when it gets out of whack, you’re not getting the quality sleep you need  to be alert when you’re awake, and coffee only helps so much.

You might feel less attached to your phone during the day  - Think of sleeping away from your phone as the first baby step in  improving your unhealthy relationship with your phone. You don’t need  that thing with you constantly, especially while you’re asleep.

Source: Elite Daily

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