Guitar Saved Life of Jason Aldean's Bass Player at the Route 91 Festival.

In a new interview, JASON ALDEAN shared yet another horrific detail from the Route 91 Festival.  Not only did the bullets make it to the stage, but one ended up lodged in his bass player's guitar.

Since the stage was a crime scene, the instruments had to stay in Vegas for almost two weeks while evidence was being gathered. 

Quote, "We finally started getting all of our gear back, and my bass player opened up his bass that he was playing that night.  And there was a bullet lodged in [it].

"People will ask me, 'How close were y'all really to it?'  And I'm like, 'Well, that close.'  My bass player who stands to my left had a bullet lodged in his guitar."

Jason's bass player is a guy named Tully Kennedy, and he's very lucky.  Jason says the guitar Tully was playing on that particular song is a solid ash bass.  It's made of heavy wood, and it's thick, so when the bullet hit, it just lodged in it.  

Quote, "Sometimes basses are chambered, or there are holes throughout it.  If it had been any other bass [the bullet] probably would've gone through and hit him in the gut." 



(The interview was on Storme Warren's Sirius show.  You can listen to it here.)

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