Cleaning Is As Bad for Your Health As Smoking

Put down those cleaning products because science says cleaning your house is bad for your health. Get this - researchers warn that it’s as  bad for your lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years.

Breathing in the chemicals in cleaning products raises the risk for  asthma by 43% and scientists say they damage to the lining of the airways and can affect the way they work long-term. Those facing the  biggest risk are professional cleaners and women, but somehow men seem to be unaffected.

“Cleaning chemicals very likely cause substantial lung damage,” explains Oistein Svanes from Bergen University in Norway. “Think of particles from cleansers meant for floors, not lungs, and maybe it’s no surprise.”

And as great as it would be to use this research as an excuse to give  up cleaning our homes, most of us don’t want to live in filth. So scientists suggest swapping the cleaning chemicals for microfiber cloths and water to clean instead.

Source: WHIMM

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