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    I haven't gotten much of a chance to get out and see you very much over the winter and I wanted to give y'all an update.  First of all, my health has been better recently.. thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.   Secondly, my kidney(s) are holding steady and are keeping me in better health..but I have a favor.. 

      And I was hoping we could hang out together this spring at Grand Rapids Kidney Walk for the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan.  

There's a reason this is very near and dear to me - my kidneys failed due to Polycystic Kidney Disease, and I ended up on dialysis for almost two years. My prayers go out to anyone going through it - your life is thrown into a tailspin, and everything revolves around your dialysis schedule. 

I worked pretty hard to keep my story quiet, but eventually the NKF got wind of it and asked me to go public with my story to help raise awareness and encourage people to consider organ donation.  These videos are from the start of my journey.

But I'm one of the lucky ones - B93 listeners Maureen Tuttle and her daughter Kristin O'Leary heard about the difficulty I was going through, and Kristin performed an amazing, selfless act.   She saved my life by donating her kidney to me, a complete stranger. 

In the years since my successful surgery, Mo (Maureen) and Kristin have become family members to us. Needless to say, I have been incredibly blessed.  Each year to 'Pay It Forward', we get together and raise funds and awareness for kidney donation and kidney HEALTH.  

I know for most of you I am just a 'Michigan Farm Boy who acts goofy on B93. If I've ever played your favorite song, helped your ride home or put a smile on your face, I'd love it if you would 'pay it forward' with me this year and donate or come out for the kidney walk.  

I have linked the donation page to several of the pictures I have put up on this page.  My email is if you have any questions and I am always answering the B-Lines 2-7 PM at 616-242-9393.  

God bless the 'B93 Listener Family,'

B93's Conrad

aka Dave Conrad

WBCT, Grand Rapids, Mi

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