Toast for Breakfast Could Help You Lose Weight

Some dieters see carbs as their enemy, but new research shows that eating toast for breakfast could actually help you lose weight. A study from Tel Aviv University,  which was testing people with diabetes and obesity, found that people who ate a big breakfast - with carbs included - then a medium-sized lunch and a small dinner lost more weight than those who ate six small meals a day.

Study author Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz explains that the hour of the day when you eat and how frequently you eat are more important than what you eat and how many calories you eat. She says that  starting the day with “a slice of bread leads to a lower glucose response and is less fattening than an identical slice of bread consumed in the evening.”

So when you’re trying to lose weight, this scientist recommends toast for breakfast. And of course, watching portion sizes is important and carb consumption overall, but if we get to eat more bread, we’re happy.

Source: Whimn

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