Mike Rowe Offering Scholarships for Trade Jobs

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Is a 4-year college degree right for you or your son/daughter? Maybe? Maybe not?

Former host of DIRTY JOBS, Mike Rowe has announced (video below) that for the fifth year in a row he will offer scholarships to people who are interested in something other than a 4-year degree. He'll award the winners with a scholarship to train for a trade job like welding, plumbing, or electrical. Rowe believes there are alternative options to a 4-year degree and that the typical college path isn't necessarily the best option for everyone. He's been awarding these scholarships through his mikeroweWORKS Foundation for the past 5 years.

If you or somebody you know is interested in applying, applications are being accepted through June 4th. So far, the program has given away around $5 million to people who want to train for a trade job. There are a few minor "hoops" to jump through, but nothing you wouldn't expect for something like this. To eligible applicants need to be a high school senior, graduate, or have their GED and attend or plan to attend a vocational school.

APPLY at MikeRoweWORKS.com

2018 Work Ethic Scholarship Launch Date

We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about when this year’s Work Ethic Scholarship Program will launch. Since the real Mike Rowe was at mikeroweWORKS HQ, we thought, why not let him tell you? Check for updates at mikeroweworks.org/scholarship

Posted by mikeroweWORKS on Monday, March 5, 2018


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