Bill Would Make It Illegal To Contact Employees After Hours

There’s a bill on the table at the New York City legislature that would give employees the “right to disconnect” from their employers. The bill proposes a fine of $250 to any employer who punishes their employee for not responding to calls, emails, texts or instant messages after regular working hours.

Council members believe the bill would have a positive effect both on the employee and workplace culture as a whole. According to a 2016 study, the habit of pushing employees to respond after-hours causes “anticipatory stress,” fostering a boundless, “always-on” culture.

This kind of environment might seem like a boon to employers, but the  negative effects are more insidious — high burnout rates, low productivity and employee resentment.

NYC representatives feel this bill will help create some accountability amongst managers to regulate after-work communication,  and nurture a healthier, more respectful work-life balance.


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