Wedding Bounce Houses Are Now a Thing

It’s wedding season once again and that means many happy couples will be saying “I do” in the next few months. Brides and grooms spend so long planning their big events and want to make their nuptials their own unique celebration, but some trends catch on and more couples want to incorporate them into their own weddings. And one trend that’s big in the U.K. now: wedding bouncy castles.

Yes, the same inflatable things that kids jump in at birthday parties are becoming regulars at wedding receptions in the U.K. A Wedding Wonderland,  a company based in England started getting attention for renting its wedding-themed bounce house. Unlike the ones for kids’ parties, this thing is pure white and pristine, so it actually looks fit for a wedding, complete with flower decorations and everything.

Now other companies are catching on and renting their own wedding bouncy houses for newlyweds and guests to jump for joy in, but the trend  seems to have stayed across the pond for now. Of course, it’s only a matter of time for an inflatables company in the U.S. to get in on the  action and bring the wedding bounce house stateside.

Source: Pop Sugar

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