Flushable Pregnancy Test Available Very Soon

Anyone who’s used a home pregnancy test in the past knows they haven’t changed much. Sure, there are some that have digital readings on them to say “pregnant” so you don’t have to decipher the plus sign or minus sign to know, but other than that they’ve been pretty much the same.

And one of the biggest complaints about them has the tell-tale evidence left behind in the trash. While some women take a pregnancy test with their supportive partner standing by, plenty of other women would appreciate more privacy when finding out such life-changing news.  But that may finally be possible with Lia, a flushable pregnancy test.

Lia was FDA approved last year and like other home pregnancy tests, it’s about 99% accurate. You use it the same way, so you still have to pee on it and lay it flat to wait for the results. But then you can flush the test in the toilet or compost it, so no more wrapping it in toilet paper to try to hide it from anyone else who uses that bathroom.

These flushable tests don’t just provide more privacy for the user, they’re also better for the environment. The tests are fully biodegradable and compostable, so there’s less waste. And if it makes women’s lives a little easier, we’re all for it.

According to the company, it will be available "mid-2018", so very soon.


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