Jackie Lee Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Drops New Song

Jackie Lee has been lying low over the last year. He's been missing from the road and the charts with good reason. He was battling cancer. 

Just months after his mother died of ovarian cancer, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Doctors removed his testicle after  he experienced symptoms, but tests were inconclusive. Lab tests later revealed that the removed testicle was cancerous. He required no other  treatment. 

He decided to turn his sorrow over his mother and his own diagnosis into the song "Long Year." Shortly after writing it, he  discovered the cancer had returned, this time in his lymph nodes, which  required chemotherapy. His last treatment was in January, and now he's ready to get back to what he came to Nashville to do -- music. 

Jackie  says, “I don’t feel like anything’s missing -- other than the obvious.  As far as my life goes, I feel like me. I feel normal. I feel like I can  carry on. I’m just super thankful.”

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