Google Can Now Predict When You'll Die

At one point or another, we all have to die. And when it comes to diseases like cancer, some may go quicker than others. But what if there was a way to pin point the exact time you’ll die? Seems morbid, but Google says they’re working on an A-I that’s perfectly capable of making such predictions.

The A-I takes information stored on a computer about the patient.  Everything from their name age and ethnicity to how many times they’ve  been hospitalized, their vital signs, and past diagnosis. The AI, built by researchers from Stanford University is fitted with tools to predict symptoms and disease to tell of the patients chances of life or death. The idea is to have doctors spend less time on paperwork and more time  caring for their patients.

Besides predicting life or death, the AI can also guess how long a patient’s hospital stay will be and their chances of being readmitted.  What’s crazy is that the AI is about 95-percent effective at guessing a patient’s mortality. "These models outperformed traditional,  clinically-used predictive models in all cases," explained Google's Alvin Rajkomar.  He believes that the AI in general will help “improve care” for patients, however the idea of the AI is still in its early stages.


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