Facebook Testing Paid Subscription Content

Paying for Facebook has been the subject of spam for a few years now, but are we getting closer to that reality? Not yet.  But the social media giant IS going to test a subscription plan for groups. The idea is the group will have a sub-group with special content and you pay to see it.

The groups are allowed to charge anywhere from $4.99 to $29.99 for the privilege. For example, the Declutter My Home Group is launching a $14.99 per month Organize My Home subscription group that will teach members how to tidy up with checklists and video guides.

Facebook isn’t going to take a cut yet because...right now...the  subscription bills through iOS and Android, and those operating systems get their 30% cut of a user’s first year of subscription and 15% after that.

The test is basically to see if we’ll pay for content. Facebook will go from there.

SOURCE: Tech Crunch

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