Gender Pay Gap Starts As Early As Childhood

It’s no secret that a gender pay gap exists, and for the most part men are making more money in the workplace than women, and, in case you missed it, it turns out that earning differential actually isn’t limited to the workplace. A recent report by BusyKid finds that a gender pay gap exists as early as childhood, with boys usually getting more money  than girls when it comes to allowance.

Believe it or not, the site finds that boys earn almost twice as much doing chores than girls, with boys getting a weekly average of about $13.80, while girls only get about $6.71. What’s more, boys also get more opportunities to earn money by their parents, and they were also given an average bonus of about $17.01, as opposed to girls who got bonuses of just $15.54. 

As for what boys and girls are doing with their allowance, the survey  finds that boys are more likely to save their allowance money, while girls are more likely to donate theirs, giving away $2 more per week to charity than boys.


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