Michigan Puppy Adopted Thanks To a "Share"

As a BIG dog lover, I follow pretty much every animal shelter page I come across on Facebook. One in particular, Canine Companions Rescue Center in Clarkston, posted pictures this week of an adoptable pit bull puppy named Walter. He’s 10 weeks old, already sleeps though the night and has "an abundance of silliness". My wife and I already have two dogs but we were seriously tempted to go meet him but instead I shared the post on Facebook and wrote, “Seriously, go adopt Walter, Today”. I pretty much forgot about it at that point.

I shared it on Wednesday and then last night (Thursday) I got a Facebook message from B93 Listener Family Member Lori who let me know that after she "shared my share", a friend of hers saw Walter and absolutely fell in love with him. So, she and her husband along with their son got in the car and made the two-and-a-half hour drive from Kalamazoo to Clarkston and ADOPTED Walter!!! As Lori wrote in her Facebook message to me, “They are already awesome pitty parents and Walter will live happily ever after in Kalamazoo”.

So, just a nice reminder that even if you think it’s not worth sharing some of that stuff you see on Facebook…you never know who might be on the other end of that share. So, SHARE OFTEN...you could save a puppies life! :)


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