Garth Brooks Makes Change To Notre Dame Concert

Garth Brooks was back with another edition of “Inside Studio G” and started off by talking about Trisha Yearwood’s birthday. Garth also quickly discussed the situation with “America’s Got Talent” contestant Michael Ketterer, who was recently arrested on charges of domestic violence.

Garth wrote a song for Michael to perform on “AGT,” and also invited  him to perform it at Garth’s upcoming Notre Dame show, but Garth now  says following the arrest they talked and decided it was better that he  not appear at the October 20th concert. Garth added, “That family, they  will figure it out.” Garth did say that they are going to try and fix up  the demo of the song he wrote for Michael, “Courage of Love,” in order  to get it out to fans, who loved the tune.

Garth also shared a little more info about his upcoming tour, noting  that the shows are going to be “events” and “special,” explaining that  they’ll be more spread out than in the past so that he and the band can  work on making each show unique, based on where they take place. Check  out this week’s episode HERE.


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