AWESOME SAUCE: 9-Year-Old Gets Law Changed

He may just be nine-years-old, but Dane Best has  already changed the world. At least, his corner of it. You see, the boy  is celebrating his first political win with a snowball fight Colorado.

Best asked the Severance Board of Trustees to overturn a 100-year-ban  on snowball fights. Aside from getting his elementary school classmates  to write letters, he also offered the board a PowerPoint presentation  (his mom helped).

In the end, they voted unanimously to end the ban and Best  was the first person in 100 years to legally throw a snowball in  Severance. And Dane isn’t done yet. The next town law he wants to  change? The one that defines “pets” as a cat or dog…and it limits the  number of pets in a household to three. His inspiration? Dane admits, "I  want a guinea pig."

Source: The Coloradoan

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