New Music Friday: Morgan Wallen, FGL

It's Friday. Finally.

If ever there was a week that needed a Friday, it was this week.


The first NMF of the year, too.

New today, Morgan Wallen's 30-song double album 'Dangerous', and a new single from Florida Georgia Line 'New Truck'.

Morgan Wallen's new album is 30 songs. That's a lot.

Wallen could easily split that up into 3 albums, but he didn't.

Here's the thing, all the songs are good. He could release any one of them as a single and I'd be willing to bet every single one would chart.

Singles so far have been, 'More Than My Hometown', '7 Summers', and 'Somebody's Problem'.

'7 Summers' was my favorite song...until 'Somebody's Problem' was...until 'Only Thing That's Gone' was.

Check out the short film for '7 Summers' below...

Florida Georgia line dropped a new single today.

'New Truck' is from their 6-Pack EP they released in May 2020.

Check out the lyric video for 'New Truck' below...

That should get you through the weekend. I hope you have a really nice one.

Aly Mac

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