Aly's Top 5 Songs From Morgan Wallen's New Double Album

The long awaited DOUBLE album from Morgan Wallen is finally out!

Dangerous features 30 songs and really any one of them could be a single. Morgan is going to have a tough time deciding, if he hasn't already.

The second single from the album '7 Summers' was named one of Time Magazine's 10 Best Songs of 2020...and I happen to agree.

A double album isn't something we usually see from younger artists - especially as a second album. In fact a lot of second albums aren't as strong as the debut; a phenomenon known as the "sophomore slump."

Debut albums are toiled over, meticulously groomed with a fine tooth comb, comprised of material from years and years of songwriting and recording. New artists typically have material on the album that spans several working creative years and when combined with the fine tuning of industry pros things get good, really good.

Sophomore albums can be a bit more challenging. Usually if you're making an album number two, you've had a bit of success with album one. You're most likely touring more than you were before. You're booked, you're busy, you don't have 10 years to write, record, and release a new album. Momentum is music is pretty delicate. Once you have some, you want to keep it going.

So you have less time to write. Most all of your best stuff was used on album number one. Best case, you're a creative genius that can crank out hits with the help of some song writing pros or buddies. Think Thomas Rhett and Luke Combs.

Inevitably fans and consumers aren't going to love every single song on every single album an artist releases. The singles serve as the best stuff...most of the time.

I would say this is not one of those times. Morgan Wallen definitely avoided a sophomore slump with Dangerous.

Here are my top 5 songs from Dangerous:

5. Wasted On You

4. 7 Summers

3. Somebody's Problem

2. Cover Me Up

1. Only Thing That's Gone (ft. Chris Stapleton)

Listen to all five songs on iHeart Radio here:

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