InformAly Ep. 9: We Burn For Bridgerton

In late 2020 I started my own podcast, InformAly with Aly Mac.

So far episode topics have included pop-culture, wellness, mental health, and more.

In the first episode of 2021 we're talking the show that has taken Netflix by storm: Bridgerton.

When I saw the show pop up on Netflix I immediately thought, "not for me," an I wrote it off as a fluffy period series.

I was finishing up The Queen's Gambit when I reached out on Instagram for show recommendations.

A friend, who's been living in London for the past few years, insisted I start Bridgerton next.

I am so glad I did. It was the perfect escape from all of the things and I'm anxiously hopeful for a season two.

Shmitty, from WOOD Radio 106.9, STAR 105.7, and 104.5 SNX, joins me on this episode to talk all things Bridgerton...cast, plot, working Bridgerton jargon into everyday life, will there be a season 2?!

***This episode contains spoilers.***

Listen to InformAly Ep. 9 We Burn For Bridgerton below.

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