Costco Sells 3 LBS of Ready to Eat Cookie Dough

Are you a risk taker?

When it comes to cookie dough we've all gambled a bit. Licking the bowl or the spoon is practically a rite of passage for cookie bakers, despite the risk of the raw eggs.

Your chance of getting salmonella infection from raw eggs is low, but never zero.

Costco has stepped in to help us out a bit.

Enter Eat Pastry's Vegan, Non-GMO ready to eat, or bake, chocolate chip cookie dough. Which is the superior cookie dough flavor, lets be honest.

Three pounds of delectable dough ready for a cold spoon or hot oven all for around $5.99.

Apparently it's quite the Costco favorite too. There are hundreds of comments on social media all detailing how positively delicious and addicting Eat Pastry's ready-to-eat dough is.

I can't think of a better quarantine Valentine's Day activity...nose-to-nose and spoon-to-spoon with your significant other over a three pound vat of cookie dough.

Uncoupled? Try some solo in the bath. You're welcome.

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