LISTEN Matt'n'Aly's AwesomeSauce: Sapphire the Husky Saves Owner's Life

Every morning Matt'n'Aly like to start your day on a positive note with #AwesomeSauce Monday-Friday at 6:10am - because who couldn't use a little good news?

You can listen to Matt'n'Aly's AwesomeSauce below.

It's a running joke on the show that AwesomeSauce is usually just a story about a dog doing something cool, and today was no exception to that rule!

Sapphire, an adorable black and white Husky, saved her Mom's life.

Tanya Hubbard, 50, from England, says Sapphire was being particularly affectionate, but she shrugged it off as she had just returned from a two-week vacation.

The cuddles from Sapphire became more insistent and even targeted - Sapphire started pawing Tanya's chest.

It wasn't long after Tanya was diagnosed with a cancerous lump in her breast.

This story has a happy ending though, four years later Tanya is cancer-free and has credited six-year-old Sapphire the husky with saving her life.

Tanya says she tells everyone Sapphire smelled her cancer. What a good girl!

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