LISTEN Awesome Sauce: The VA Book Lady

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It's no secret teachers are literal superheroes who are severely our opinion.

Jennifer Williams is known as "the book lady" around Danville, Virginia and for good reason!

Jennifer is on a mission to donate one million books to area kids.

Everywhere she goes she hands out books to all of the kids she meets.

She just reached a major milestone too: she's given away over 900,000 books!

So how does Williams afford 900,000 books on a teachers salary?! She teaches fifth grade and also tutors.

She started handing out books to kids in 2017 and even has a few donors helping her.

Williams explains one of the reasons she does it,
"Their vocabulary, their ability to answer questions, their ability to relate to concepts -- all of those skills are markedly different when [kids] have access to books."

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