LISTEN Awesome Sauce: Mail Carrier Helps Disabled Veteran

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About a week ago, a storm system dumped 8 inches of snow in Pennsylvania.

We feel for them, as Michiganders, don't we?

Terri Halliday, a disabled U.S. military veteran who had one leg amputated, responded to her home alert system. Something was going on outside her front door!

Terri checked her phone and saw a mail delivery truck -- and a mail carrier walking up her steps with a snow shovel.

Terri always leaves a shovel near her door so she can clear her deck, but she can't shovel the steps!

Her mail carrier, LeRon Britt, took care of all of it! He grabbed her shovel, cleared off that deck and the steps, as well, before continuing on with his delivery route.

Terri was, of course, thrilled to get some help from LeRon. She said she felt thrilled, happy -- and ultimately flabbergasted -- because those random acts of kindness aren't expected.

Full audio below.

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