LISTEN Awesome Sauce: Vet Rescues Hundreds of Animals from Ukraine

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A Polish veterinarian is risking his safety, entering an active war zone to rescue animals from Ukraine.

As the conflict enters its fourth week, millions of Ukrainians have fled the country. Thousands have been injured or killed.

Many animals have been stuck in the conflict too - but a group of volunteers are risking their safety to rescue animals injured or left behind in Ukraine.

In the last week, 32-year-old Polish veterinarian Jakub Kotowicz and a team of volunteers have taken part in multiple convoys entering the conflict zone in Ukraine to rescue more than 250 cats and dogs.

Through his animal rescue charity ADA Foundation, which he started when he was 17, he's been organizing rescue missions with volunteers from Ireland, Denmark, Canada and the U.S.

Some of the animals were too injured to save, many have been rehomed across Europe and some have been reunited with their Ukrainian parents!

Kotowicz says the trip is tough for the animals,

"All the cats are very stressed, the journey from Lviv is one day and we crossed the border with a diplomatic pass but the queue from Ukraine was very long."

The group is operating using donations and are looking to buy another vehicle for the missions and plan to create a shelter to house rescued animals.

Anyone who would like to donate can visit their JustGiving page, linked: here.

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