DARIUSTWIN: The Guy Who Paints with Light

I was scrolling Tik Tok one morning and came across this cool video on my FYP:

The captions in the video read

"Over the last few years, I have been working on a Ghost Band light painting series. Here are 8 of my favorites, straight out of the camera through the use of long exposure."

And I wasn't prepared for the images that followed. Incredible!

So who is DARIUSTWIN and how are these stunning works of 'light-art' created?

Here's the ABOUT section on the DARIUSTWIN website:

DARIUSTWIN is a Sothern California-based company specializing in light painting media and products founded by artist Darren Pearson. By night, DARIUSTWIN explores landscapes near and far in search of the perfect scene for life-sized light painting media. These drawings are created using a specially designed, illustrative light painting tool called a 'Night Writer' and through use of long-exposure photography.

I found myself lost in the DARIUSTWIN Tik Tok for quite a while. In one video (below) Darren shows you exactly how to achieve a light painting of your own.

You can purchase light-painting tools on the DARIUSTWIN website if you're up for creating your own masterpiece!

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