Jewel Shares Video Saying Her Tour Bus Caught On Fire: 'Everybody Is Safe'

Photo: Getty Images

Jewel's tour bus caught on fire and she took to TikTok to share the aftermath on Saturday (August 6.) Luckily, nobody was hurt.

In the video, the "You Were Meant For Me" singer explains, "We had a full bus fire. Nobody was hurt. It happened on an off day in the parking lot of a hotel. The fire department came. Everybody is safe.” She added, “We saved the vintage guitar and guitar amp. All’s well that ends well, but how ’bout this bulls—?” as photos of the damaged tour bus were displayed in the background. Jewel also made sure to thank the fire department and called her bus driver "a hero for saving the vintage gear!"

One commenter pointed out that the bus driver was her dad. "He’s such a great guy!!!! The band loves him!" Jewel responded. Another commenter asked, "😳 Omg! Glad everyone is ok. Was this the same bus that broke down in the middle of the night?" which Jewel confirmed with a "Yup 😏."

The "Foolish Games" singer is currently touring with Train, Blues Traveler, Thunderstorm Artis, and Will Anderson. Upcoming tour stops include Arcadia, WI, Boise, ID, and Indio, CA. Her latest album Freewheelin' Woman was released in April.

Watch the TikTok below:

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