Lainey Wilson Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Her Sister

Photo: Getty Images

Lainey Wilson has proved that she knows how to write music that resonates with audiences, whether it’s her breakout single, “Things A Man Oughta Know,” or her empowering anthem about finding growth and strength through hard times, “Heart Like A Truck.”

The Louisiana native recently reflected on her favorite song she’s ever written, serving as a tribute to her sister. “Two Story House” is a heartfelt ballad that reflects on Wilson’s childhood with her sister, and how each one grew up to pursue different dreams. Wilson posted a clip of a recent acoustic performance of the song, sharing that she was “lovin’ on my sister extra hard this [National Sisters Day],” which was Sunday (August 7).

Wilson sings that she and her sister, “both looked out the same windows/ Wished on the same stars/ Hung our blue jeans in the same breeze, in the same backyard/ And how can two kids with the same raising/ Wind up on such different pages/ We all got our different callings/ Yeah, I guess that's why they call it/ A two-story house/ A two-story house.”

Wilson released the song last year in time for National Sisters Day, and shared a visualizer with snippets of adorable home videos. Watch it here:

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