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2014 CMA Festival - Day 3

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These days you can't talk to Tyler Hubbard without asking about the future of Florida Georgia Line, his new solo music, and the new tour he's joining this fall.

Tyler called Matt and I last week and we didn't hold back!

One thing that really suprised me - it would seem it was Brian Kelley's idea to prusue solo music.

"Honestly it took me a minute.BK came to me, I don't know now it was a couple years ago, and really expressed a lot of interest in wanting to do this and said he was gonna do it. And so uh, I said, 'Ok, cool I want to support you in that I'll just be a song writer in town and kind of a stay at home Dad.'"

Tyler said it was about eight months of that before he felt called to put out some solo music himself - and his debut solo single was born: 5 Foot 9.

Most recently Tyler Hubbard dropped a six-song EP, Dancin' in the Country, which contains a collab with Keith Urban by the same name.

"We wrote Dancin' in the Country together! He's a writer on this song and was a big part of makin this happen and bringing it to life."

Tyler will join Ingrid Andress as an additional opener for Keith Urban on The Speed of Now Tour this fall.

Tyler says switching from headliner to opener is a bit of a change,

"You know I really like it! It's really fun, it's a new challenge, it's a new chapter, and I really kind of thrive on the building process."

We'll see Tyler and Ingrid open for Keith at Van Andel Arena September 22. Link up for tickets here.

Listen to the whole interview with Tyler Hubbard below:

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