Love is Blind: After the Altar Is Coming!


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There have only been two seasons of Love is Blind on Netflix, but what seasons both have been!

The drama that unfolded during season two is just the tip of the iceberg. Netflix is back with Love is Blind: After the Altar streaming September 16.

Before you watch the trailer below, let's catch-up on all the season 2 couples...

Danielle & Nick

One of only TWO couples who actually made it to the altar at the end of season two! Danielle & Nick have their first year of marriage under their belts...but how did that go? Danielle and Nick get the least amount of time in the trailer so fingers crossed everything is going well for them.

Iyanna & Jarrette

The second couple to say "I Do" at the end of season two, it would seem there's been some trouble in paradise. Iyanna and Jarrette are still married and celebrating a year of wedded bliss, but the trailer would make it seem there's been some...infidelity? It's unclear, but I can't wait to find out.

Deepti & Shake

Do we have to talk about Shake? He doesn't deserve it. He has a girlfriend. He's not in the trailer...maybe he's not in After the Altar? That would be a nice gift from Netflix.

Deepti, however, very much IS back...maybe with Kyle? We learned after the season wrapped up that Kyle and Deepti grew very close during filming and were a solid option for eachother. Are they together? They look awfully cozy in the trailer.

Kyle & Shaina

Well we know they're not together. Kyle might be shacking up with Deeps, but what about Shaina? Did she ever make a move with Shane? Did her and Natalie ever bury the hatchet? Which brings me to...

Shane & Natalie

There's a lot to unpack here...and I don't mean in a new house to start a new life together. In the trailer Shane is taking pictures with Shaina, Natalie is crying, Shaina might have a new man in her life? This storyline is the main event.

Sal & Mallory

There's not a lot to cover here. In fact, I kind of forgot about sweet Sal and so-not-into-him Mal. This match was one I didn't understand from the beginning. They just weren't a match...and it seems like everyone but Sal knew it. We get a tiny glimpse of Mal talking about Sal "moving on," and ya know what? I hope he has.

Watch the trailer for yourself below!

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