UPDATE: Gisele and Tom Have Both Hired Divorce Attorneys


Photo: Getty Images

When I think of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, the first thing that comes to mind is beauty. The second: money.

When you're that rich, that beautiful, and that talented, what is there to fight about?

Time, it would seem.

Gisele has been asking Tom for years to spend more time with the family...and I'd be willing to bet she's ready to work a bit more heavily after putting her career on the backburner for their kids and Tom's NFL goals.

Tom just can't seem to pull himself away, and it's clear he's going to pay for putting football first.

The two, it would appear, are going to divorce.

As of October 3, People reported Gisele has hired a divorce lawyer - but Brady has not.

As of October 5, both Brady and Bundchen had hired their own divorce attorneys.

It's not looking good for the Brady-Bundchen union.

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