Timelapse on Fort Myers Beach Shows Hurricane Ian Devastation

Usa, Florida, Fort Myers Beach.

Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever been to Fort Myers Beach, FL you're probably used to it looking something like the picture above.

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, Fort Myers will be looking a lot different for a long time.

Fort Myers is in Lee County and reported 54 deaths after the hurricane. County officials have been criticized for issuing first mandatory evacuation orders just a day before Ian made landfall. Emergency plans called for mandatory evacuation much sooner.

Lee County Sheriff, Carmine Marceno, stands by the timing of the Fort Myers orders,

"I am confident in our county manager, our leaders, our governor, all of us in law enforcement that we got that message out at the right time."

In an article published several days ago, FEMA was reported as "right on the edge of the survival window." They were going door-to-door looking for victims that were still alive.

It will be months before basic services are available and operational again on Fort Myers Beach.

Take a look at a time lapse video of Fort Myers Beach during Hurricane Ian below:

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