Electric Vehicles in FL Exploding Post Hurricane Ian

Electric vehicles are exploding in Florida post Hurricane Ian.

Firefighters have been battling numerous fires caused by electric vehicle batteries that were damaged during the hurricane.

The batteries are waterlogged and corroded, which can cause them to catch fire.

Jimmy Patronis, Florida's top financial officer and fire marshal, says:

"There's a ton of EVs disabled from Ian. As those batteries corrode, fires start. That's a new challenge that our firefighters haven't faced before. At least on this kind of scale."

In a follow up tweet, Patronis noted,

"It takes special training and understanding of EVs to ensure these fires are put out quickly and safely. Thanks to [North Collier Fire Rescue] for their hard work."

Officials aren't sure exactly how many EVs have been destroyed becuase of Hurricane Ian.

More pictures and video, here.

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