Pumpkin Spice Hair is THE Fall Color

Wind blowing hair of surprised Caucasian woman

Photo: Getty Images

Every year Pumpkin Spice takes over grocery stores, coffee shops, home decor and now even our hair!

Stylists all over the country are seeing increased requests for "pumpkin spice" color.

Kristen Fleming, color director at 3rd Coast Salon in Chicago told REAL SIMPLE,

"Think rich, earthy tones such as amber, burnt orange, butterscotch, pumpkin orange and soft golden hues, like the ones you'd see as leaves change."

A search for "pumpkin spice hair" on Instagram will give plenty of explanation! There are more than 14,000 images banked under #pumpkinspicehair alone:

The best part of Pumpkin Spice hair is that it can be tweaked for any hair color:

  • Fair-Light Skin: Ask for Cooper hues
  • Olive-Deep Skin: Honey/Amber hues

In any case ask your stylist for "warm, rich tones" to convey what you want.

It's always a good idea to bring a few inspo pics! Here are some of my favorites:

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